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We have no waiting times. Because of our many professional instructors and efficiency in work, we never have waiting times. You can start your driving lessons immediately.

Most students underestimate the number of driving lessons they need in advance. Driving schools know this and respond with attractive offers for a complete driving course in 25 hours. Unfortunately, such an offer is only real for the very fast learner. The average number of hours needed is about 40 hours. During your test lesson, we will estimate how many lessons you will need and put together a package in consultation with you.

This is certainly possible, and in consultation you can obtain your driving licence within 10 days.

Thanks to 2toDrive it is possible to obtain your theory certificate from the age of 16 and to start driving lessons from the age of 16.5. From 17 years you can test for your driving license. Until your 18th birthday you can drive with a coach. From the age of 18 you can drive on the road independently.

That is possible, as many of our students have already taken driving lessons and even passed their exams somewhere else.

This is certainly not a requirement. We advise students to do this at the same time as their driving lessons. Because in this way you can recognise, judge and solve theoretical situations more easily in practice. You do need to be in possession of a theory certificate when a mid-term test or practical exam is scheduled.

Driving lessons

We give driving lessons of 90 or 120 minutes, which is much more effective than driving lessons of 45, 50 or 60 minutes, because you can keep practising a part until you master it well.

of the first driving lesson. It is also possible to pay for a lesson package in instalments.

At Ryles, you can take driving lessons during the day, in the evening and at weekends. The lessons are planned in consultation with your instructor.

At Ryles, you ride the entire course with a regular instructor. Only in the event of long-term illness of your instructor will you be assigned to another instructor in consultation with the driving school.

You will receive driving lessons in a Volkswagen or a Mercedes-Benz. Our cars are equipped with all kinds of assistance systems especially for students.

We try to stay in the examination area as much as possible. In consultation you can also be picked up at home if you live in the examination area. Otherwise, we have pick-up locations near the CBR Amsterdam, for example: Metrostation Sloterdijk, Henk Sneevlietweg and station Lelylaan.

You plan the driving lessons together with your driving instructor.

We advise everyone to do a mid-term test, even if it is not compulsory. The chances of success increase considerably after the intermediate test. If the intermediate test is not yet included in your package, you can buy it separately later.

Your progress at Amsterdamse Verkeersopleidingen will be recorded by your instructor on an instruction card. This "progress chart" can be viewed by your instructor. This way you can see exactly how far you have progressed, what the next lesson will be about and what you still have to work on.

You can choose to schedule driving lessons at your own pace. This may be several times a week or even several lessons on one day.

The duration of your driving training depends on the amount of driving lessons you need and your availability for driving lessons. Most candidates get their licence within 2 to 3 months. But this can also be done in 1 month or even in 10 days!

Money matters

You can pay the way you like, in cash or by bank transfer. A package must be paid before the start of the first lesson. It is also possible to pay for a course in instalments.

If you buy a package and have some unused lessons left over after your training, they will be refunded to your bank account within a week. If you need more driving lessons, you can buy them in addition.

The best way to save money is not to choose the cheapest driving school, but to choose a good driving school, use your lesson time optimally and prepare your lessons yourself. Ask your driving instructor what will be covered in the next lesson and review that part in your practical book. This way, you get more out of your lessons and save valuable time and money.

That is possible, it will cost € 45 per lesson.

The trial lesson followed by a consultation costs €30,-. If you decide to continue with the training and your advice is more than 20 lessons, the trial lesson will be deducted from your invoice. In this case the trial lesson is FREE!

Usually you choose a package that is close to what you need. If it turns out that you need fewer lessons than this, we will not let you keep on taking lessons until your package is finished. We will refund the excess amount to you.

Then you can continue with single lessons but at the same lesson price as in your package.


We have our own exam booking system so we can book an exam within 2-4 weeks.

The waiting time for a re-examination is 2 weeks thanks to our own exam reservation system. The CBR has the rule that if you fail, you must wait 2 weeks before being allowed to take the driving test again.

An intermediate test is a test conducted by the CBR. (Against payment). Are you at 3/4 part of your driving course? Then that is a good time for this test. During this test, the examiner will check how far along you are in your driving training, and what points you still need to work on. During this test, you do at least 2 special operations that you can pass and the next exam will be exempt.

You will have an examiner who is trained in guiding people with fear of failure. There is more time to put you at ease. And during the drive you can ask for a time-out. The special approach has a positive effect on the experienced tension and leads to a more realistic performance during the driving test.

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