cbr intermediate test

An examiner from the cbr assesses your driving skills during the intermediate test.

What is a TTT

In addition to our free trial exams at the driving school with our experienced instructors, we also have the intermediate test. This is also like the practical exam taken by the CBR. An examiner from the CBR assesses your driving skills during the interim test. The examiner will judge you, just like your instructor, on the points that will be covered during the test. Afterwards, the examiner will go over the ride and draw up points of attention to make it easier to pass your driving test. You can also get an exemption for the special operations that are partly mentioned above. Statistics have shown that candidates who take a TTT have increased their chances of passing with 50 to 70 %.

The intermediate test

During the interim test, an examiner from the CBR assesses your driving skills. He examines everything that is tested during a real driving test. Your instructor/treasurer drives along. The intermediate test takes the same time as a real driving test. For the car it is 55 minutes.

The benefits:

  • Advice: At the end of the intermediate test, the examiner will give you an advice form. On the form, the examiner will give advice for each part. You can use this to see exactly which parts you still need to work on. Make sure you have the advice form with you when you take the test. This is especially important if you have been granted exemption for the special operations component (car). In addition, the advice form can be a deciding factor if you have doubts about your exam result!
  • Getting used to it: The interim test is an excellent opportunity to get used to the exam situation. Nervousness is taken away with the test for many candidates.
  • Exemption: During the intermediate test, you can earn exemption for the special operations part of the next car test.
  • Passing rate: Research by the SWOV (Stichting Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek Verkeersveiligheid) has shown that the chance of passing a practical exam can increase by twenty percent when taking a test in between!

For whom

The intermediate test is for candidates who are going to take the test in category B (passenger car). To be eligible for the category B intermediate test, you must have passed the theory test.


The driving school determines the time of the test together with you. At the beginning of your training, the test makes no sense. The CBR recommends that you take the test after about three quarters of your training. The reservation time for a test is 6 to 8 weeks (depending on the location). Consult your driving instructors/tices in good time about the reservation of your intermediate test.

DigiD authorisation

Before the driving school can apply for a mid-term test for you, you must first give permission for this. You do this with a DigiD authorization!
What do you need to apply for a test with the CBR?

To take with you to the intermediate test

  • A valid ID
  • Confirmation of reservation will be sent to you by e-mail from the CBR (print it, take it with you to the test and/or practical exam)
  • Self-reflection form (print, fill in, take to test and/or practical exam)

This is how the interim test of the CBR works

Intermediate Test (TTT) request?

This is possible if you have passed the theory exam. Consult with your instructor about the possibilities. Go to the page rates for information and costs.

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