Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to Ryles.nl lesson agreements, where we as a driving school provide the driving lessons, possibly your theory course and apply for your driving test. And you the student is described as “the student” or “you What can you expect from Ryles.nl?
  • Driving lessons by qualified driving instructors, in accordance with the Motor Vehicle Driving Instruction Act.
  • Application for the driving test after authorization through CBR with DigiD and full payment of the driving lesson package.
  • Insurance is taken out, which provides coverage of at least EUR 1,000,000 against liability of Ryles.nl to the student.
  • Present at the driving lesson at the agreed time and place. The instructor will wait 15 extra minutes. If the student does not come, without timely cancellation, the student must pay for this lesson.
  • Timely cancellation of driving lessons via the Ryles app, no later than 48 hours before the start including weekends and holidays. For late cancellation, there is no right to a replacement driving lesson, including illness.
  • Canceling a riding lesson can only be done in the Ryles app.
  • Following instructions from the driving instructor.
  • Show valid identification at the driving test.
  • Please have a valid theory certificate at the time of the driving test.
  • Be sober and not under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medications that may affect driving ability.
  • Timely notification of driving disqualifications or driving restrictions.
  • Payment of driving lesson package.
    • Payment by iDeal, cash or direct debit, as agreed in writing in consultation with ryles.nl
    • Payment in installments by direct debit, unless otherwise agreed.
    • You retain the right to revocation of direct debit or reversal of undue debits.
    • After payment of the first installment, start of the first driving lesson.
    • Possibility of lesson price increase by ryles.nl during the agreement, with right of rescission by the student.
    • In case of late payment, discontinuation of driving lessons, theory course and exclusion from the driving test.
    • Collection costs for non-payment are borne by the student.
    Driving test CBR through Ryles.nl
    • Before we request a driving test for you, you must first have paid all costs for your driving lessons, theory course and the driving test.
    • If you miss the driving test, arrive late, or do not have a valid ID or theory certificate, you must pay the cost of a new driving test yourself. In these cases, you cannot count on a free retake.
    • A scheduled practical exam can be canceled or changed within 24 hours. After this, a chargeback/cancellation is out of the question.
    • ryles.nl will assume the cost of a new driving test in the following situations:
          • A family member up to and including the 2nd degree of you or your instructor has passed away and the funeral has not yet taken place or will take place on the exam day.
          • There is no lesson car available during the exam.
          • The lesson car is rejected by the CBR.
    Dissolve lesson agreement Ryles.nl
    • The lesson agreement you signed digitally is considered binding by Ryles.nl.
    • Dissolution of agreement 14 days after signing.
    • Please give 1 month’s notice to both student and Ryles.nl
    • .
    • Refund of prepaid tuition less: lessons taken, examination fees and twenty-five euro administration costs within 30 days
    • .
    • Possibility of dissolution by ryles.nl in case of urgent reasons, with refund of not taken lessons.
    • Ryles.nl indemnifies the student for claims by third parties as a result of collisions, collisions and running over and traffic violations that have occurred during the driving lessons and / or exam. Incidents resulting from intentional and / or gross negligence of the student, and the use by the student of alcohol, drugs, medicines that affect the driving ability, are excluded from this indemnification.
    • If you as a student take a driving lesson despite the fact that you have a court order denying the right to drive motor vehicles and / or your license is confiscated and the statement made at the conclusion of the lesson agreement is therefore incorrect, the student indemnifies Ryles.nl fully for the consequences. The student will fully reimburse any fines imposed in this regard, as well as all other financial consequences.

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