driving anxiety & fear of failure

Suffering from driving anxiety? Fear can only be broken by driving. The more kilometres you do and notice that driving goes well, the stronger the conviction that it will also go well next time.

Driver training for driving anxiety

Learn to drive again with a driving school in Amsterdam. Many people suffer from fear of driving. The degree of driving anxiety varies greatly. Sometimes, driving anxiety only occurs in very specific situations, situations that hardly ever happen. But the fear of driving can also be so intense, that you stubbornly refuse to get into the car. And this while driving in this society has actually become a must. It is not easy to talk about fear of driving, many people are ashamed of it. If you tell your friends about it, they will often say "That doesn't bother you, you're so independent! However, if you no longer dare to drive a car, your world suddenly becomes a lot smaller and you become dependent on the help of others. And not everyone likes that. You may already have a driving licence. Or you may still want to start your journey towards your driving licence. Will you get in the car or not? If driving causes you to be afraid of driving, you will not think about it. Driving anxiety is often accompanied by physical reactions such as tension, sweating, palpitations. There are seven million people with a driving licence: half a million drive (almost) never, half a million drive, but selectively. That too is driving anxiety. The most common form is the combination of lack of routine and fear of failure, resulting in avoidance behaviour. Bad experience with cars and driving often brings along driving anxiety. These pupils have more difficulty in finding peace of mind in the car and naturally take longer.

Types of driving anxiety

  • Driving anxiety due to panic disorder, often also highway anxiety
  • Fear of driving at intersections
  • Fear of driving after a stressful event
  • Driving anxiety due to fear of failure
  • Fear of driving due to lack of skills
  • Fear of driving as a co-driver
  • Driving anxiety due to other disorders
  • Fear of getting lost

Consequence of driving anxiety

If you don't feel comfortable in the car, you start avoiding traffic. The car is put on the side, you look for another way to get somewhere, family members who live far away are not often visited anymore. At such times, professional help is the only thing that helps, because in most cases, the body and the mind do not recover in normal ways.

Driving anxiety training

Do you have driving anxiety? Then this is the driving course for you. The number of driving lessons per week is kept low, so that you do not trigger the fear too much. The intensity is often slowly increasing and the main goal is to keep you comfortable in the car. A confident driver has less fear behind the wheel. You will be patiently and attentively trained to become a confident driver.

Symptoms of driving anxiety and approach

  • Afraid of the engine stalling, afraid of parking, afraid of parking garages
  • Afraid of missing the mark on large roundabouts, intersections, busy traffic situations
  • Afraid of not being able to merge in or out when it is busy
  • Afraid of suddenly not knowing what to do
  • Afraid to cause an accident with your children in the back of the car

Test your driving fear!

Do I really have a fear of driving? True/False

  • Door mijn rijangst kan ik moeilijk mijn beroep uitoefenen<
  • Because of my fear of driving, I visit people and institutions less often than I would like to
  • Because of my fear of driving, I regularly avoid driving a car
  • Because of my fear of driving, I have to rely on others
  • My driving anxiety has made me insecure about myself
  • I do not dare to be honest about my fear of driving in front of others
  • If I have to drive by car, I am restless beforehand
  • As a result of my fear, I take different routes than I would if I had no fear
  • On motorways I often do not dare to overtake


If you answered more than two sentences with 'true', then you probably have annoying driving anxiety. You belong to the group of people who need some help to overcome this fear of driving.

Approach with driving anxiety clients

Completing a registration form (online) in advance provides a good picture of the core of your fear of driving and is a good preparation for the first appointment with your driving instructor. This way, we can give you personal advice on the continuation of your fear of driving lessons and the plan of approach. We discuss the situations that you have more difficulty with and we go over all the points that we need to pay more attention to during the anxiety training. Our driving school in Amsterdam has experience with clients with driving anxiety.

The further approach is individually oriented and according to your personal situation. Step by step, you receive intensive training and guidance in the areas of driving and viewing techniques, observation and understanding, and assertiveness and cooperation in traffic. We look for difficult traffic situations to get you used to traffic again. Difficult subjects, such as parking, driving backwards and merging onto a motorway, are calmly worked through until you can do them independently and with confidence. You also learn to transform fearful and unrealistic thoughts into real thoughts. When you are ready, we will also register you for the CBR's fear of failure test.

Our aim is for you to learn to drive independently and with a good feeling, based on self-confidence, a smooth driving style and good perception technique. It will sometimes be difficult to get over your fear of driving. During the period of the fear of driving course, you will therefore need to practise regularly. However, anxiety symptoms such as fear of driving have a good prognosis. If those around you say that after half an hour of driving 'it will all come back on its own', they do not understand the world of your experience! Many people with a driving licence no longer dare to drive, that is no disgrace. Take the step and make an appointment without any obligation. You will find the costs for driver's anxiety coaching on the page rates.

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