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Start your driving lessons with a regular driving course in amsterdam

Your driver training in 5 steps

1. Plan your trial lesson

Get to know our driving school in Amsterdam in 60 minutes with our free, no-obligation trial lesson. In these 60 minutes, you will get to know your instructor, our house rules and the training car. Based on this trial lesson, the instructor will determine your basic level. You will immediately receive an extensive explanation of how the car works and the basic driving actions. In the evaluation you will be assessed on your agility, traffic insight, mentality regarding driving and you will get advice on which driving lessons package suits you best. We try to drive as independently as possible through the exam area of Amsterdam.

To help you estimate the number of driving lessons needed in Amsterdam, you can use the following indicative table: (link cbr average driving lessons in amsterdam)

Type of pupil Number of driving lessons
Miracle child
10 to 20 lessons
Smooth learner
20 to 30 lessons
Average pupil
30 to 40 lessons
Inexperienced student
40 to 50 lessons

2. Start driving lessons

Driving lessons can be scheduled ahead several times a week. During the driving lessons, we prepare you for the exam. The driving lessons are built according to the step-by-step method: you get structured driving lessons in a logical order, based on your own pace. You mainly receive driving lessons in the CBR test area Amsterdam from a regular driving instructor in the same car to prepare you for the exam. Lessons are often given in block hours or an hour and a half in consultation, because one hour is practically too little and not effective.

The driving instructor uses a progress card. This is an overview of what you have learned, at what level you mastered it and what you still need to learn. In this way, both student and driving instructor know exactly how far the student has progressed with the driving lessons.

3. Theory exam

Starting to learn for your theory exam should not be underestimated. This can be done most effectively together with your driving lessons, because then you experience it immediately in practice. You can choose to work on your own with the help of our theory books. But you can also choose to take a theory course with us.

4. Intermediate test TTT

In addition to our free trial exams at the driving school with our experienced instructors, we also have the intermediate test. This is also like the practical exam taken by the CBR. An examiner from the CBR assesses your driving skills during the interim test. The examiner will judge you, just like your instructor, on the points that will be covered during the test. Afterwards, the examiner will go over the ride and draw up points of attention to make it easier to pass your driving test. You can also get an exemption for the special operations that are mentioned (on this page). Statistics have shown that candidates who do a TTT have increased their chances of passing with 50 to 70 %. (link cbr benefits ttt)

5. Practical test

To request a practical exam from the CBR, you must have a DigiD. With a DigiD, you can authorize the driving school. Click here to read more about this.

On arrival at the CBR, you will meet the examiner. You will be asked to identify yourself and your theory certificate will be checked for validity by the system. The examiner explains what he expects from you. Outside you will have to read the license plate of a car for the eye test. A vehicle check is also performed at the car. (See video from CBR car practice test)

Now you get in the car and drive! This is probably a familiar route that we practiced during driving lessons. Exam routes are usually in Amsterdam West, just like your driving lessons.

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