DigiD Authorisation Ryles Amsterdam

Before Ryles Amsterdam can apply for the intermediate test and the driving test, you must first give your permission.

Are you going to take a driving test or intermediate test?

Before the driving school can apply for the interim test and/or the practical exam, you must first give permission for this. You do this with an authorisation. You will immediately receive an email confirming your authorization; you will immediately receive an email when the driving school has reserved the exam for you; you will immediately receive an email when the driving school has postponed or cancelled the exam for you; your address information is automatically available for your driving school in the CBR's reservation system. You can authorize this on My CBR with your DigiD.

DigiD is your personal digital identification for government services. You can apply for a DigiD free of charge. With this single log-in code, you can access electronic services from an increasing number of government institutions. Never give your DigiD to another person.

Validity period

The authorisation is valid until you pass. Do you want to withdraw the authorization sooner? Go to My CBR for the conditions.

Automatic withdrawal of authorisation

The authorisation will remain valid for 12 months. The authorisation will be automatically withdrawn if:

  • The authorisation is more than 12 months old and there is no application for an examination or test;
  • The authorised driving school is deregistered with the CBR.

Driving school number: 5748U1

Authorise driving school Ryles with DigiD

ryles Authorise with digiD

Login to the CBR website and authorise Ryles under driving school number: 5748U1.