Trial lesson at the Ryles Driving School

Start your training with a free trial lesson with no obligation.

Start your driving lessons with a trial lesson in Amsterdam

You start your driving training with a test lesson. This test lesson is completely non-binding, so you are not obligated to anything! The test lesson is also free when you purchase a driving lesson package from us. The idea is that you get to know your instructor and determine whether his way of teaching is right for you. The test lesson gives the instructor a first impression and, based on this impression, can give you advice on the continuation of your training. But everything depends on your knowledge, skills, attitude and learning ability.

Personal advice after a trial lesson

A trial lesson lasts about 60 minutes including a final interview. In the final interview you will get an advice based on your performance. During the test lesson, the instructor can often already make a good assessment of your qualities and estimate how many driving lessons you will approximately need. After your test lesson you can decide whether you want to continue taking driving lessons or whether you want to purchase a driving lesson package.

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Progress chart / Instruction sheet

We use a progress card so that the instructor and you know exactly what you have learned, what level you are at and what you still need to learn. This progress card is kept up to date every lesson. In this way, both student and instructor know how far the student has progressed.

RIS teaching method

The driving lessons are built up according to the step-by-step method, increasing in difficulty. You get structured driving lessons in a logical order, based on your own pace. You have driving lessons in the examination area of CBR Amsterdam with a permanent driving instructor in the same car. You also drive in the same car during your exam.


You can plan your driving lessons several weeks in advance. This is great! However, keep in mind that if you plan further ahead, it is more likely that your instructor will have to reschedule your lesson. For example, if he reserves a date for a practical exam for another candidate on the day and time that you would have driving lessons. A driving test always takes precedence over your driving lesson, exam times are sometimes difficult to book. It can also happen that your driving instructor asks you if you can have driving lessons a bit earlier or later because it turns out that your driving lesson fits in with the rest of the planned driving lessons that day.

Collection and delivery

To keep the lessons as efficient as possible, you do not need to come to the driving school first. The students are picked up and dropped off at home or at a pick-up point such as metro station Isolatorweg to Henk Sneevlietweg. It works as follows: first, you bring the student in front of you to his home or pick-up place. Afterwards, you are dropped off by the student who is after you. To prevent unfairness, students are only picked up and dropped off in the examination area. This keeps you continuously in the exam area and does not waste your lesson time. This is why we prefer Station Sloterdijk, which is located near the CBR. The driving lessons start from the moment you get into the lesson car.