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Mid-term test

The intermediate test (TTT) is not only a valuable step in your driver training, but it can also help enormously to build your confidence and prepare you for the practical exam. Here are a few reasons why you should consider adding the TTT to your driving course:

  • Purpose of the TTT:The intermediate test is meant to prepare you for the real practical exam. It gives you the opportunity to get used to the exam situation and how CBR works.
  • Practical experience: During the TTT, you will drive an exam route and perform various traffic manoeuvres, similar to the practical exam. The examiner assesses your driving skills and provides feedback afterwards.
  • Exemption for good result:If you pass the TTT (you don’t make any dangerous mistakes), you can get an exemption for the special operations during the practical exam. This means you do not have to perform these manoeuvres again during the practical exam.
  • Advice and feedback:If you fail the TTT, you will receive valuable feedback from the examiner. This will enable you to improve specific areas before you take the practical exam.
  • Costs:The cost of the mid-term test is not included in the price of your lesson package at Ryles. You can choose to add the TTT to your course as an extra step to increase your chances of passing.
  • Request: You can request the TTT via the app after you have started your driving lessons. Our instructors can advise you on the right time to schedule the TTT.
  • Fighting Nerves:** Many students experience nerves before the practical exam. By taking the TTT, you can partially allay those nerves because you already know what to expect on the big day.
  • Increase chances of success:** Statistics from the CBR show that students who have taken the TTT are 75% more likely to pass their practical exam. So it can be a smart investment in your driving licence goals.


At Ryles, we encourage you to add the intermediate test to your driving course. It can be a valuable step to get you ready for success on the practical test. Our instructors are ready to guide and support you in planning your TTT. Let’s work together towards your driving licence goals and get that coveted pink pass! 


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