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Fear of failure exam

The anxiety test is specially designed for people who suffer from exam anxiety or fear of failure. The aim is to give these students a fair chance to pass their driving licence, even if they get nervous easily in stressful situations.

Here are some key features of the fear of failure exam:

Extra Time:The fear of failure exam takes longer than the regular practical exam. This gives the candidate extra time to feel comfortable and calmly show the examiner what he or she can do.

Specially Trained Examiners:The fear of failure exam is conducted by examiners who are trained to deal with fearful candidates. They are patient and understanding and will try to create a relaxed atmosphere during the exam.

Pause moments: There are pause moments built in during the fear of failure exam. If the candidate feels too stressed, he or she can stop for a moment to catch their breath before continuing with the exam.

Feedback:At the end of the exam, the candidate receives comprehensive feedback from the examiner. This includes positive points and areas for improvement.

If you think you suffer from fear of failure, it is a good idea to raise this with your instructor. Together, you can decide whether the fear of failure test is the right choice for you. At Ryles, our instructors are always there to support you and help you deal with any fears. Our goal is to make sure you can pass your driving test with confidence and success, no matter what challenges you face. 

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