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BNOR exam

The BNOR exam, or the Professional Training Netherlands for Public Transport exam, is a special exam administered by the BNOR. This exam is designed for people who have been banned from driving or who cannot or do not want to take part in the regular CBR exam for other reasons.

Here are some key features of the BNOR exam:

Other Location:The BNOR exam is usually conducted at a different location than the regular CBR exam. This may mean you have to travel to a different city or town for the exam.

Other Examiners:The BNOR exam is conducted by examiners who are not employed by the CBR. These examiners are specially trained for the BNOR exam and have experience with different types of situations and candidates.

A Separate Assessment:The BNOR exam is assessed separately and has its own pass standards. The standards can sometimes be stricter than those of the regular CBR exam.

Feedback: As with the regular CBR exam, you will receive extensive feedback from the examiner after the BNOR exam.

If you have to participate in the BNOR exam, it is important to be well prepared. Your instructor can help you prepare for this special exam. At Ryles, we understand the challenges that can come with getting your driving licence, and we are ready to support and guide you no matter what type of exam you need to take. Our goal is to make sure you can get your driving licence with confidence and success! 

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