Health statement

Before taking the cbr practical exam or intermediate test, you must have filled in your health declaration and have been declared healthy by the cbr itself.

Health declaration for driving test

Personal Statement becomes Health Statement. For scheduling a practical exam it is necessary that the candidate is medically approved by the CBR. It is no longer possible for driving schools to submit a health statement for candidates to the CBR. CBR decided to do this because everyone is responsible for his own health. By filling in the CBR Health Statement himself, a candidate thinks consciously about the questions about his health. Moreover, this data is personal and highly confidential.

Why a medical certificate?

As a driver you are responsible for your own safety. And for that of others. Therefore, in order to be allowed to drive, you must by law be 'fit to drive'. That means: mentally and physically capable of driving. For example, do you have health problems or a disability? Or do you take medication that affects how you drive? Then you may not always be allowed on the road. To assess your fitness to drive, the CBR asks you a number of questions about your health. These questions are on the Health Statement form.

How does it work?

At the beginning of your driving course you will fill in a Health Statement. You can do this through My CBR. You can find more information about filling in your Health Statement on the website of the CBR Health Statement.

Without this statement, the practical exam cannot be applied for!

In order not to delay the booking process, it is important that the health statement is submitted at the beginning of your driving course! The cost of this health statement is in 2021 € 39.30.

For which licences does this apply?

Filling in the health declaration is not necessary for the moped and motor scooter (AM licence). For the car, motorbike, trailer behind the car, and tractor driving licences, filling in the health declaration at the CBR is necessary in order to plan the practical exam.

Check the correct licence category when applying for a Health Statement

Pay attention to the ticking of the driving licence category when applying for a Health Statement (GV). This prevents problems and possible delays with the assessment of a Health Statement. The licence category for driving a car is licence category B.

More information?

Because of privacy laws the CBR does not give us any information about the health statement. If you have questions, you can contact the CBR on 088-2277700.

health certificate fill it in!

The health statement is necessary and can be arranged by yourself on the website of the CBR.

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