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Why Driving School Ryles?

Exam directly booked

We have our own exam reservation system so we can already your exam immediately without long waiting times.

Money back guarantee

Pay for what you drive. Hours not driven will be refunded. See the page Help! For terms and conditions.

Ryles app

Plan moeiteloos lessen in via de Ryles app, geniet van het gemak van iDEAL-betalingen, houd vorderingen bij op uw digitale leskaart en maak gebruik van onze online theoriecursus.

Fixed instructor and lesson vehicle

From the first to the last Ryles the same instructor and lesson vehicle. Our lesson vehicles are the latest of their kind and prepared with special assistance systems to make driving easy.

Free and No-obligation Trial Class

Take advantage of a free, no-obligation trial lesson! which commits you to nothing. See the Help! page for terms and conditions.

Multilingual certified instructors

Driving lessons are given in both Dutch, English, German, Turkish, Russian and Chinese.


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Why Ryles?

What customers are saying about us

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LessonsCost per lessonPractical examPractical examTotal*

* All our packages include the practical exam of 325.

Optionally you can choose:

  • Theory online course: 75
  • Intermediate test: 275
  • Fear of failure exam: 350
  • Further Driving Proficiency Examination (BNOR): 350
The duration of each lesson is 45 minutes; we teach in block hours. That is, a driving lesson lasts 90 minutes.

Standard no registration fee.
FREE online theory course with package 30+.

Special Offer!

Take a trial lesson for only €45. Do you decide to continue? Then you get that 45 back as a discount on your chosen package or theory course!

and start your riding adventure with Ryles!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a driving lesson take?

With us, one driving lesson takes 90 fine minutes, or, two blocks of 45 minutes.Your time is precious and we make it super fun on board!

Driving license with 16.5 and 17 years

You bet! You can start as early as 16.5 and yes, you really can drive that own car from the age of 17 (with a nice companion next to it, of course)!

Where will I be picked up?

Home pickup is certainly negotiable! But, a little tip from us: meeting at a central point is sometimes the smartest move! That way we are directly in the exam area and no precious lesson time is lost on long drives.

When can I schedule driving lessons?

You choose, we drive! Schedule your driving lessons at your convenience, our team is ready for you.

How many driving lessons do I need?

Good question! After your test driving lesson, you’ll get a customized recommendation because just like every person, every learning path is unique! We’ll estimate how many hours you’ll need to hug that driver’s license! The CBR does say that this is about 43 hours for a beginning learner.


Hoppa, choice galore! From 10 to 40 hours, including practical exam and FREE theory course! Choose what suits you and let’s start the engines!

Payment options

How you pay? How you want! Cash is king, but a bank transfer or paying via the app with iDEAL is also allowed. Passed and still have hours left? No worries, we just pay those back neatly, because at Ryles we drive honest and transparent.

Should I get my theory first?

‘Why not do both?’ Why? Because theory and practice go hand in hand. By understanding the traffic rules while taking practical lessons, you make faster progress and increase your chances of passing in one go!


Our rates are as friendly as our instructors! We have several packages to choose from (10, 20, 30, or 40 hours), so there’s always something that fits you and your wallet perfectly. We always throw in a free theory course. Top deal, right?



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Easy payment by Ideal or how it suits you


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Ging het praktijkexamen ook zo makkelijk bij jou? @cbrnl ...

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Was jij ook in 1x geslaagd? ...

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Driving lessons in Amsterdam?
This is why you choose Ryles.nl!

Starting driving lessons in Amsterdam is an exciting step toward freedom and mobility, allowing you to explore not only the city, but also the surrounding areas at your own leisure. Getting your license begins with learning to understand the theory behind driving, followed by your very first trial lesson in which you will get a taste of driving a car.

By booking lessons and gaining practical experience, you’ll work toward your practical exam. Successfully completing this exam not only means you have passed, but it also opens the way to new adventures on the road! Each step in this process is crucial in developing the skills and confidence needed to drive safely and confidently through the streets of Amsterdam and beyond.

Below, we’ve detailed the steps you need to take before you’re allowed to explore the roads of Amsterdam, so you’ll be well-informed on the road!

    1. Getting your theory

    Before you get behind the wheel yourself, it is essential that you know the traffic rules well. This knowledge forms the basis for safe driving. By studying thoroughly and following the advice of our experienced instructors, you will significantly increase your chances of success. At Ryles.nl in Amsterdam, however, you don’t necessarily have to start with your theory. We believe that theory and practice go hand in hand, so you can also start your driving lessons in Amsterdam without your theory certificate. Would you like to take a theory course with us? That is possible! View here the options to pass your theory exam both online and in a classroom setting.

    2. Your first trial lesson in Amsterdam

    During your first trial lesson in Amsterdam, you’ll get the chance to experience what it’s like to drive a car and the instructor will evaluate your abilities and needs. This session is crucial in determining how many lessons you are likely to need before you can confidently take the driving test.

    3. Lessons and experience

    Continuous driving lessons are crucial to success. Each lesson builds on the previous one, as you gain experience in various traffic situations and learn to navigate the unique challenges of driving in and around Amsterdam.

    4. Preparing for the exam in Amsterdam

    As the exam date approaches, we focus on perfecting your driving skills and increasing your confidence. Take the advice of our Amsterdam instructors to heart and practice certain maneuvers until you can perform them without difficulty.

    5. The exam

    The practical exam is your moment to shine on the streets of Amsterdam, a mix of excitement and the chance to put everything you’ve learned into practice. Staying calm and focused can make the difference between success and failure. We are fully committed to preparing you optimally for this important step. From experience, we know that as many as 80% of our Amsterdam students pass in one sitting!

    6. Passed, now what?

    After you’ve passed, you can apply for your driver’s license at the municipality of Amsterdam and get ready for a life full of driving fun in and around the capital city. Always remember that safety comes first, even though a driver’s license gives you a lot of freedom.

Driving lessons Amsterdam

After taking your driving lessons in Amsterdam, from theory to practice, you will find out how essential the selection of your driving school is. Ryles.nl stands out as the leading driving school in Amsterdam, praised for its effective methods and high success rates. Our expert instructors and personalized driving lesson programs are focused on getting you your driving license smoothly and effectively. This makes us the preferred choice for anyone ready to conquer the streets of Amsterdam.

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Will I be picked up at home?

Currently, pick-up and drop-off is done at relevant metro stations. IVM long travel times and lost lesson time when picking up from home. This ensures that we can stay and practice in the exam area as much as possible.