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You request your practical exam through the driving school. The driving school reserves the practical exam through the online reservation system of the cbr.

Reservation time CBR practical exam Amsterdam

To request a practical exam from the CBR, you must have a DigiD. With a DigiD, you can authorize the driving school. Click here to read more about this.

The reservation time until the first practical exam in Amsterdam is on average 8 to 10 weeks, the reservation time for a re-examination is on average 5 to 6 weeks.

Exam in 2 Weeks

Thanks to our special exam booking system, it is possible to schedule an exam within 2 weeks. That's why you should choose Ryles!

The driving school also takes care of the application for the driving test at the CBR.

In consultation with your instructor or driving school employee, you decide on the ideal time for taking the exam. The advantage of this is that you can coordinate your schedule with the driving school and your exam date. Moreover, as a student you know well in advance when you have to do your practical exam.

Days on which you cannot take the driving test, e.g. due to work, school exams or holidays, can be taken into account. Please take the reservation time into account when requesting the practical exam!

Application for a practical test at the CBR via the driving school: what do you need?

To apply for a practical exam at the CBR, the driving school needs the following from you:

  • Valid identification
  • Valid theoretical certificate

What should you bring to the CBR practical exam?

On the day of the driving test you must bring the following:

  • A legally authorized, valid identification document.
  • Confirmation of the reservation, you will receive this by e-mail from the CBR (print it and take it with you to the driving test).
  • Opinion form from your intermediate test (if you have taken an intermediate test).
  • Self-reflection form (print, fill in and take to driving test).

Taking a test with the CBR? This is how the practical exam is done

How long does the practical exam take?

The practical exam for the passenger car lasts 55 minutes. This is subdivided into 15 minutes of familiarisation and approximately 40 minutes of driving. At the examination centre, you will first meet the examiner/trice. Then the documents you brought will be checked.


  • Walk towards the car and do the eye test.
  • After this, the examiner will ask you to carry out a number of preparatory and control actions on or in the car.
  • Then the drive begins, which is divided into independent driving and driving on instructions plus special manoeuvres.


The examiner/treasurer pays attention to, among other things, your control of the car, your visual behaviour, giving way to others and taking account of other road users. He assesses you on seven parts of the exam. You can find these on the self-reflection form.

During the exam, you will have every opportunity to show what you can do. You do not have to be completely faultless; what matters is the overall picture. It is important how you react to the other traffic, how you solve any errors and whether you master the situations.

In short, the examiner/trainer checks whether you have sufficient skills to participate safely and independently in traffic. Immediately after the test, the examiner in the examination centre will tell you the result. Afterwards, the examiner will discuss the self-reflection form with you.

The new practical exam: Safety first

The revamped practical test was introduced on January 1, 2008 and is designed to bring down the accident rate among novice drivers. New ry license holders are much more likely to have an accident than experienced drivers.

The new driving test was developed by the CBR on behalf of the Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management to improve road safety in general and safe driving in particular for novice drivers.

In recent years, specific measures have already been taken for the novice driver, such as the introduction of a beginner's license and stricter alcohol limits. Since 2010, assisted driving has been possible.

The new exam came about in close cooperation with researchers, the driving school sector and traffic organisations. The costs of the theoretical and practical exams have not increased.

More emphasis on independent driving and hazard recognition during the practical test

Since 2008, aspiring motorists have been trained and examined more explicitly in independent driving, hazard recognition and environmentally conscious driving. Also, aspiring driving licence holders have to think more about their own points of improvement in traffic. As a result, students are more aware of the risks.

On 25 March 2019, the practical test was updated again. In this set-up, the own responsibility of the prospective driver is central.

The parts of the practical exam are explained below:

Driving a route independently

Since 25 March 2019, driving with a navigation system has become a compulsory part of the driving test. To ensure safety, you will learn how to work with this already during your driving lessons.

In principle, driving with a navigation system can be used at any time during the examination. It also proves to be a solution for foreign-language candidates, as the navigation system can usually be set up in different languages.

The cluster task (three to five route tasks in a row) is only used in very exceptional cases, such as when navigation fails. This task can be performed in two ways:

  • Drive to a landmark that is not predetermined, but which the candidate knows or can see.
  • Drive according to the blue ANWB signs to a certain point.


Independent driving takes a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 15 minutes. The total exam time remains the same.

Reaching the right destination is not an end in itself. It is about driving safely and making responsible choices.

Special manoeuvres

The term 'special manoeuvres' was chosen deliberately to distinguish them from the former special manoeuvres. The new driving test has four special manoeuvres: a reversal, a parking, driving backwards and a slope test:

  • Reversing order: In the reversing order, you are told while driving to follow the road in the opposite direction. You choose where and how to turn. You can do this by making a half turn, crossing the road or making a reverse turn. You have to show that you can find an adequate solution based on a good estimation of the traffic situation.
  • Parking assignment: The examiner can also choose for a parking assignment in a street or in a car park. Here you get the assignment to park the car as close as possible to a given location. This can be the entrance of a shopping centre. Here, too, you decide how you will carry out the parking assignment.
  • Drive straight backwards: Another possibility is to instruct the driver to drive straight backwards for a certain distance.
  • Downhill test: in the downhill test, you have to accelerate again from a standstill on a slope. The correct use of the clutch and (hand) brake is important here.


This used to include the stop order, which has been cancelled since March 2019.

Of these four, the examiner chooses two. When executing the special manoeuvres, not only the technical aspect is important. The choices made beforehand, such as the place, time and manner in which the task is executed, are also taken into account.


Before the exam, you fill in a questionnaire, either at home or before the driving lessons. You will give this list to the examiner at the beginning of the exam. The examiner will look at the answers after the exam and discuss them with you. It is important that you have a realistic picture of your own capabilities and limitations as a driver.

Self-reflection is intended to influence the behavior of prospective rybewijs holders in a positive way. However, it is not a skill and therefore is not included in the assessment.

Environmentally conscious driving

For a better environment and for your own wallet, it is important that you drive in an environmentally conscious manner, according to the principles of Eco-Driving. Environmentally friendly driving is assessed as a separate item in the new driving test.

The main focus is on anticipatory driving behaviour, such as driving at a constant speed and making maximum use of the car's rolling ability. This not only contributes to a reduction in fuel consumption, it also has a positive influence on safe driving behaviour.

This subject is also given extra attention in the renewed theory exam.

Self-reflection not assessed

After the exam, you will immediately see the results on your screen. You can also view the incorrectly answered questions. To do so, click on the question number. You can scroll through using the 'Next' or 'Back' buttons at the bottom of the screen. You have a short time for this. At the top of the screen you will see the time you have available for this. You will also receive the results by e-mail. As soon as you have received this email, you can make a new appointment. If you fail, you will know what you need to work on before your next theory exam. If you pass, we will register this in our system. Your 'Satisfactory' result is valid for 1.5 years.

Conditions for refunding the examination fee Refund form CBR

The money paid to the CBR for tests/examinations is not refunded if the examination could not take place because the candidate or the driving school did not appear at the agreed time. However, there are some exceptions to this:

  • The candidate was unable to appear for a medical reason.
  • The candidate was unable to appear due to the death of a close family member.
  • Candidate could not appear because he/she was seconded as military on the examination day, if this was not foreseeable at the time of planning the examination request.
  • The candidate died before the examination time.


This regulation only applies to examinations and tests registered in the candidate's name and which fall under the above-mentioned exceptions 1 to 3. Exception 4 is subject to a different handling of the refund request.

In order to be eligible for a refund, the candidate must apply for one via the driving school at the latest within 14 calendar days after the examination date. The driving school can download the refund form ('Request for refund of fee') on the internet.

In case of a practical exam the fully completed refund form signed by the candidate, together with the requested evidence should be sent within 14 calendar days after the exam to CBR, Division of Driving Proficiency, for planning Postbus 4046 6803 EA ARNHEM.

Repayment of the CBR fee is made directly and only into the current account of the driving school that applied and paid for the examination for the candidate. Only if the driving school is no longer known to the CBR as a registered driving school will a refund be made through the candidate's bank account, after consultation with the candidate.

Administration costs shall be deducted from the amount to be refunded.

Tips for passing your driving test

These two articles will help you prepare for your driving test. It is a good idea to read them in order to avoid the most common mistakes:

Vehicle control

Before the practical test, the examiner will ask a number of questions about the motorbike, the tyres or the dashboard. Please read this page carefully several times so that you can face these questions with confidence.

The tyres

  • The tyre pressure should be between 2 and 2.5 bar.
  • The tread depth should be at least 1.6 mm, the more tread the better.
  • Profile is for draining water to prevent aquaplaning.
  • Winter tyres work best if they have more than 4 mm profile.
  • All nuts must be securely tightened.
  • The wear of the tyre tread must be evenly distributed.
  • The side must not have any damage so that you can see the layers of cord and the side must not have any drying cracks.
  • The valve must have a cap against dirt, otherwise the valve may leak after inflating.

Dashboard lights

Click on the picture for an explanation!


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