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At the beginning of the driving test, there is a kind of blockage in thinking and acting. You then fail your driving test, not because you cannot do it, but because you are too nervous to show that you can.

Fear of failure exam Amsterdam

The special approach has a positive influence on the experienced tension and leads to a more realistic performance during the driving test. What is fear of failure? And what makes the fear of failure test different from the 'normal' car driving test?

What is fear of failure?

Almost everyone is nervous before a practical exam; that is normal. The nerves usually have a motivating effect and encourage you to perform well. However, for some people the fear is so great that they block themselves instead of motivating themselves.

This may be a case of fear of failure. Fear of failure literally means: the fear of failing. We speak of fear of failure for the (practical) exam when you succumb to the pressure of that 'one hour'; for example, because of a blackout, or because of mistakes you never make during practical lessons.

Two types of fear

There are two types of fear: fear as a state and fear as a character trait. Fear of failure for the driving test is an example of fear as a state. You are extremely (unhealthily) nervous before the driving test, while in many other situations you do not suffer from anxiety at all. If you suffer from fear of failure, you often fail the driving test time and time again. While you are an excellent driver in relaxed situations. A shame, of course.

For whom is the fear of failure driving test intended?

It speaks for itself: the fear of failure cbr exam is intended for people with fear of failure for the driving test. It does not matter whether you have already taken a driving test. Even if you are in the course of further investigation of your driving skills, you can apply for this special exam.

If you suspect that you suffer from an unhealthy and extreme fear of the driving test, it is best to find a driving school that is specialised in guiding students with fear of failure. It is well known that the best way to deal with fear of failure is to start with your driving training and not just at the exam. That way, you can work on your anxiety from your very first driving lesson.

For people who do not (entirely) master the Dutch language, the fear of failure exam is unfortunately less suitable. A good communication between you and the examiner is of great importance for the success of this special exam.

Specially trained fear examiner

The examiner who conducts this exam is trained to guide people with fear of failure.

Lasts 80 minutes

The fear of failure test takes longer than a normal practical exam, namely 80 minutes. It starts with an intake interview in which you can calmly discuss your situation as a result of fear of failure. The examiner will take this into account in the further course of the exam. In this test there is enough time to put you at ease.

Requesting time-out

Once you are on your way and the paralysing tension strikes, you can request a time-out. Or several, if you like. You may indicate this yourself. Your examiner can also give you a time-out, if he thinks you need it.

Not easier

The fear of failure exam takes longer, but is not easier than a regular practical exam! Also with this exam, you simply have to meet all the 'driving ability requirements'. This means that you have to show that you can drive safely and responsibly.

More expensive

Because the exam takes longer, it will be more expensive than the regular driving test for cars.

Test yourself!

At Faalangst test driving test you can test whether you should consider applying for the special driving test. Always consult your driving instructor/treasurer!

This is how it goes with the fear of failure examination by the CBR

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