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What does a driving licence cost including driving lessons?

What does a driving licence cost including driving lessons?

Learning to drive is an important step in becoming an adult and offers freedom and mobility. But what does a driving lesson at a driving school cost? In this blog, we explore the factors that influence the cost of driving lessons, from the type of vehicle to the location of the driving school. We also discuss the average costs and additional expenses you can expect. By the end of this article, you will have a better understanding of what to expect when you start your driving course.

What determines the cost of a driving lesson?

The cost of a driving lesson at a driving school is determined by several factors, including location, driving school, and the type of lesson.


The location of the driving school plays a big role in the cost. In big cities such as Amsterdam, costs tend to be higher due to higher overheads such as rent and insurance. In rural areas, driving lessons can be cheaper.

Driving school

Each driving school has its own pricing policy. Larger driving schools may have more expensive rates, but often offer more flexibility and extra services. Smaller driving schools may be more affordable, but with fewer additional services.

Type of lesson

The type of lesson also affects the cost. Here are some of the most common types:


  • Manual: Usually the default choice and often cheaper than other types.
  • Automatic: Expensive cars lead to higher costs, so driving lessons with an automatic are often more expensive.
  • Speed course: Intensive lessons over a shorter period of time, often more expensive due to the greater commitment of the instructor.
  • Driving Anxiety or Fear of Failure: Special guidance for anxious drivers may cost extra because of the expertise required.


All these factors combine to determine the total cost of a driving lesson. To find the right balance, it is always advisable to compare different driving schools and think about your specific needs and budget. Would you like to know what Ryles.co.uk can offer you? View our rates.


What is the average cost of a driving lesson?

In short, the average price of a driving lesson is determined by several factors. First of all, the location of the driving school is very important. In big cities, costs tend to be higher because of higher rent and insurance, while driving lessons in rural areas are generally cheaper.


In addition, the driving school itself plays a role in pricing. Larger driving schools may charge higher rates because of their extensive services and facilities, while smaller driving schools are sometimes more economical. Finally, the type of lesson affects the price. Manual lessons are often cheaper, while lessons with automatic or specialised guidance (e.g. for driving anxiety or fear of failure) tend to cost more. For the different types of driving lesson, we see the following costs:


  • Manual gearbox: €45/lesson
  • Automated: €48/lesson
  • Speed course: €55/lesson
  • Driving or Fear of Failure: €55/lesson

Extra costs to consider

When you want to get a driving licence, you need to consider more than just the cost of driving lessons. Several extra costs can accumulate and it is important to include them in your budget. Here are some of the main extra costs you need to consider.

Exam fees

One of the biggest extra costs is the cost of the driving test. These can vary depending on the region and the type of exam. Besides the regular practical exam, a resit may also be required if you fail the first time, which incurs additional costs.

Costs for Theory Lessons and Books

For the theory exam, you need to purchase study materials. This can range from books to online courses. Driving schools offer theory lessons as part of a package, but sometimes you have to buy them separately. This can also add to the overall cost of your driving licence.

Want to know more about theory lessons Ryles.co.uk? Check them out here.

Health declaration

Before you can take the driving test, you often have to submit a health declaration. This is a document stating that you are medically fit to drive. The cost for this can vary and is usually not included in the price of driving lessons.


Applying for Driving Licence at the Municipality

After you pass the driving test, you need to apply for the driving licence at the municipality. This incurs costs for processing the application and issuing the physical driving licence. These costs average around €40, very much depending on the municipality.

How to choose the right driving school?

Choosing the right driving school is an important decision that can also affect the cost of your driving lessons. Here are some factors to consider when choosing a driving school.

Reputation and Reviews

A driving school with a good reputation is usually a reliable choice. Check online reviews and ask friends or family about their experiences. This will give an indication of the quality of instructors and the overall satisfaction of students.

Licences and Certificates

A driving school must be certified to operate. Check that the driving school has the right licences and certificates. This ensures that they meet legal requirements and that instructors are properly trained.

Free trial lesson

A trial lesson is an excellent way to assess a driving school. It gives you a chance to experience the quality of instruction and see if you have a click with the instructor. Use this opportunity to ask questions about the driving school’s approach and their teaching methods.


An answer to the question what does a driving licence cost including driving lessons cannot be approached exactly. There are many factors involved here. Perhaps the most important is the number of lessons. We therefore assume an average of 40 lessons before your driving licence is ready. The table below then shows that, on average, the cost of a driving lesson is between €2069 and €3011. Of course, this is a rough calculation. Every driving school and every student is different, so you need to take that into account too.


Cost of driving licence From To
Registration fee €0 €25
Theoretical course €0 €99
Theoretical exam €48 €48
Driving lessons (obv.40 lessons) €1800 €2600
Driving test CBR €345 €345
Health declaration €45 €45
Applicate driving licence €40 €45
Total €2069 €3011


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