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Switching driving schools? Switching in Amsterdam is easy!

Switching driving schools? Switching in Amsterdam is easy!

When learning to drive a car, a reliable driving school is essential. However, sometimes a driving school does not suit your needs, or you are not satisfied with the quality of lessons. This can lead to frustration and slow down the progress of your driving skills. This is something you don’t want. If you find that you are not in the right place, switching driving schools is the way to go. This guide will help you step by step through the process of switching driving schools so that you can continue your driving education effortlessly and have a driving licence in your hands in no time.

Reasons for switching driving schools in Amsterdam

Common reasons for switching driving schools include:


  • Not satisfied with the instructor
  • Not satisfied with the driving lesson quality
  • Insufficient flexibility in scheduling or location
  • Cost disproportionate to the value offered
  • Poor communication or organisation within the driving school.


At Ryles.nl, you can count on experienced instructors with high ratings, flexible scheduling and clear communication, making a switch worthwhile.

What to consider when switching driving schools?

Switching in not always fun. Therefore, you should not take this decision lightly. When switching driving schools, keep the following things in mind.


  • Quality of instructors: Look for qualified instructors with a high pass rate.(Ryles.nl has instructors with a minimum rating of 8.7.)
  • Location and flexibility:Make sure the driving school operates in your area and that they offer flexible lesson times. Ryles offers lessons in different areas of Amsterdam and has fixed pick-up locations.
  • Costs:Check the price and packages to see if they fit your budget. Ryles offers several packages, including money-back guarantee for hours not driven.


Furthermore, keep in mind that when you switch, you can (sometimes) get money back from the driving school you are leaving behind. Always check this carefully, it will again save you money.

Do you decide to switch driving schools? Then follow these steps:

Switching driving schools can be easy if you follow these steps:


  • Research different driving schools: Look at reviews, pass rates and prices.
  • Contact your current driving school:Enquire about cancellation conditions and any fees.
  • Plan lessons at your new driving school:Ensure a smooth transition by planning lessons before you leave your old driving school.
  • Written confirmation of cancellation: Confirm in writing the termination of your lessons at your old driving school.


At Ryles, you can request a free trial lesson, allowing you to see if the new driving school suits you before you make the final switch. Very convenient.

Summaries on switching driving schools

Switching is easier than you think. Consequently, there are many misconceptions surrounding switching driving schools. Some of these common misconceptions that it slows down your learning process, that it is difficult to find a new driving school and that you have to retake your theory.

A new driving school will slow down your learning process

Some people think that a new driving school means you have to start all over again, which costs time and money. In reality, a good driving school, such as Ryles, can take your previous experience and start working directly with your existing skills and knowledge.


It is difficult to find a reliable driving school

Although there are many driving schools, it is not difficult to find a reliable one. You can search for reviews and success rates to find a driving school that suits you. For example, Ryles offers transparency in their ratings and has experienced instructors.

You need a new theory test

Some people think that switching to a new driving school means having to take theory exams again. However, this is not the case, as your theory certificate is still valid regardless of which driving school you take lessons at.


Addressing these misconceptions may make it easier to reduce the fear of switching driving schools. This will allow you to make a fresh start with more confidence at a driving school that better suits your needs and preferences.

Tips for finding the right driving school in Amsterdam

To get the most out of your new driving school, follow these tips:


  • Communicate actively:Discuss your goals and expectations with your new instructor.
  • Set clear goals:Know what you want to achieve and work on it with your instructor.
  • Use technology: Ryles has an app that lets you plan lessons and track your progress.
  • Be consistent with your lessons: Regular driving lessons make for better progress. Make a schedule that suits you and stick to it.
  • Request feedback: Ask your instructor for direct feedback during and after lessons. This will help you understand where you can make improvements.
  • Stay calm and confident: It may take some time to get used to a new instructor. Trust your skills and take time to get used to the new environment.
  • Ask questions: If you are unsure about something, ask your instructor questions. A good driving school encourages open communication.


Switching driving school in Amsterdam?

Switching driving schools does not have to be difficult. If you are unhappy with your current driving school, consider switching. With clear communication and a step-by-step plan, the switch can go smoothly. Ryles offers free trial lessons, experienced instructors and flexible scheduling, making it an excellent choice for those looking to switch.


Can you see the road ahead of you and are ready for your first ride? Then turn on the engine and schedule your free trial lesson at Ryles!

At Ryles, we believe in providing more than just driving lessons; we offer an experience that prepares you for every curve and challenge on the road.

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