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Failed your driving test? These choices you have!

Failed your driving test? These choices you have!

You practiced for months, took hours of lessons, and finally the moment arrived: your driving test. But then you don’t get the redeeming word: failed. It’s a bitter pill to swallow, but fortunately it’s not the end of the road. At Ryles, we want to show you that there are multiple options to still get your driver’s license.

Analyze your mistakes

After failing your driving test, it is crucial to first understand what went wrong. At the CBR, you will receive a comprehensive report with feedback. Together with your driving instructor at Ryles, you will go through this feedback. Perhaps you struggled with certain traffic situations or made a mistake when parking. Whatever it was, it’s important to recognize these points and work on them.

Take additional driving lessons

It can be tempting to schedule another exam right away, but it’s often better to take additional driving lessons first. At Ryles, we offer customized lessons specifically tailored to your weaknesses. Did you have trouble parking? Then we’ll focus on that. Was traffic insight a problem? Then we’ll work extra on that. This way you will be better prepared and more confident going into your resit.

Take a trial exam

A good way to prepare for your re-exam is to do a trial exam. This is a simulation of the real exam and can help you see how you perform under pressure. At Ryles, we host regular mock exams so you can get used to the situation and get your nerves under control.

Plan your retake

Discuss with your driving school the best time to schedule your retake. It’s important to strike a balance between having enough time to practice and not waiting too long, so you don’t forget the knowledge and skills you’ve gained. Your instructor at Ryles can help you choose the right time.

Please consider a fear of failure exam

If you suffered from nerves during your exam, it might be a good idea to consider a fear of failure exam. This is specially designed for people who are extra nervous during the exam. You will be given extra time and guidance to put you at ease. Many of our students at Ryles have benefited from this option and passed anyway.

Stay positive and motivated

It’s understandable that you’re disappointed, but it’s important to stay positive. Think of it as a learning experience. Every time you hit the road, you learn something new and get better. At Ryles, we are here to support you and help you get your confidence back.

Schedule a free trial lesson at Ryles and discuss your options with one of our experienced instructors. Together, we’ll make sure you hit the road with confidence and skill. With the right approach and mindset, you’ll get that driver’s license!


Can you see the road ahead of you and are ready for your first ride? Then turn on the engine and schedule your free trial lesson at Ryles!

At Ryles, we believe in providing more than just driving lessons; we offer an experience that prepares you for every curve and challenge on the road.

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