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Buying a package for driving lessons in Amsterdam? Pay attention!

Buying a package for driving lessons in Amsterdam? Pay attention!

Choosing the right driving lesson package is an important decision on the way to your license. At Ryles, we want to help you make the best choice by explaining the key points and pros and cons of different options.

1. Assess your learning style and experience

Everyone learns at their own pace. Do you already have some driving experience or are you a complete beginner? At Ryles, we offer packages that vary in intensity and number of lessons, so there is always a package that suits your learning style. The packages are arranged so that there is a suitable package for every budget.


  • Flexibility: Large packages allow you to plan more lessons ahead in the app.
  • Convenience of payment: Smaller packages are more affordable.


  • Cost: More intensive packages can be more expensive.
  • Planning: With smaller packages, you cannot plan ahead as quickly.

2. Including or excluding theory course

Some packages offer theory lessons in addition to practical lessons. This can be a big advantage because you then have everything under one roof and do not have to look for another provider separately.


  • Gemak: Everything from one provider.
  • Integrated approach: Theory and practice are aligned.


  • Cost: Packages including theory courses are often more expensive.

3. The number of lessons

The number of lessons you need can vary. On average, most people need between 30 and 40 hours of driving lessons to be ready for the practical exam. Ryles offers packages with different numbers of lessons, so you can choose what suits you best.


  • Choice: Packages with different numbers of lessons available.
  • Discount: Often cheaper than single lessons.


  • Over- or underestimate: It can be difficult to estimate in advance how many lessons you will need, which can lead to additional costs if you need more lessons. (Ryles does offer the convenience that if you do not finish your package, the remaining hours will be refunded)

4. Interim Test (TTT)

Some packages include an intermediate test (TTT), a kind of trial exam that you take halfway through your lessons. This can help you prepare well for the real exam.


  • Preparation: You know what to expect during the real exam.
  • Exemption: Possible exemption from certain sections during the practical exam if you do well on the TTT.
  • Nerves:
  • At an Intermediate Test you can immediately see if nerves prevail on your exam and you can still consider taking a fear of failure exam afterwards.


  • Additional costs: A TTT may increase the price of the package.
  • Timing: For some students, an additional test may take more time in your already busy schedule.

5. Payment options

Review the payment options offered by the driving school. Some driving schools, such as Ryles, offer staggered payments, which can make it more financially feasible.


  • Affordability: Staggered payments can be less financially burdensome.
  • Flexibility: Ability to pay in installments.


  • Interest charges: Possible additional charges for staggered payments.
  • Contractual obligations: Possibly being tied to a payment plan. Some driving schools such as Ryles offer no commitments.

6. Pass Guarantee

Some driving schools offer a pass guarantee. This means you get extra lessons at no extra cost if you don’t pass your first exam.


  • Peace of mind: Less stress about failing your exam.
  • Cost-effective: No extra fees for retakes or extra lessons.


  • Conditions: The conditions for a pass guarantee can be strict. Usually this backfires and is a salesman’s trick. At Ryles, we have an 80% pass rate so we don’t think such sales tricks with fine print in the terms and conditions are necessary.
  • Higher costs: Packages with a pass guarantee are often more expensive. Which means a guarantee ends up costing more money.

At Ryles, we strive to best prepare you for your driving test and offer a variety of driving lesson packages tailored to your needs and budget. Schedule a free trial lesson today and find out which package suits you best. Together, we’ll make sure you get on the road quickly and confidently!


Can you see the road ahead of you and are ready for your first ride? Then turn on the engine and schedule your free trial lesson at Ryles!

At Ryles, we believe in providing more than just driving lessons; we offer an experience that prepares you for every curve and challenge on the road.

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